ESPN Poll Results



1) Which is a bigger story?

73.9% Tim Donaghy alleges referees fixed playoff game in 2002

26.1% Celtics vs. Lakers in NBA Finals


2) Do you believe Donaghy's allegation that two referees conspired to ensure that the LA Lakers won the Western Conference Finals in 2002.

89.4% yes
10.6% NO


3) Which would you find more alarming?

81.3% Referees acting on instructions or suggestions from the league to favor one team

18.7% Referees conspiring on their own to fix the outcome of games


4) Do you believe you ever witnessed a ''fixed'' game in the NBA?

82.2% yes

17.8% no


5) Are you satisfied with David Stern's reaction to Donaghy's latest allegations?

89.4% No

10.6% yes


Total Votes: 24,514

Tim Donaghy


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