Game 7 2010 NBA Finals


Game 7 ref Joey Crawford

When I was a little boy
And the devil called my name

I say now who do
Who do you think you're foolin

Game 7 ref Scott Foster

There are two compelling stories here. The 1st being how David Stern rigged game 7 & the story of the game it's self. Lets start with the rigging of the most important game of the year,

I'm not a Boston fan & not an LA  fan, I thought the whole season LA was the best team in the League & they might well be but after watching game 7 I'm not so Sure. The Lakers played as poorly as any team I have ever seen when an game 7 for the NBA title. The Lakers were 27-83 from the field ( 32%), 4-20 from downtown 20%, an 25-37 from the line 68% an they won the game 83-79. The Lakers out rebounded the Celtics 53-40,, of the Lakers 53 reb. 23 were offensive compared to only 8 for the Celtics. Pau Gasol is a man playing with boys for the series Gasol out rebounded his rival Kevin Garnett 81-39, Gasol also had more blks than Garrentt18-9. Gasol so dominated the paint that he had 35 offensive rebounds, Garnett & center Kendrick Perkins combined for 22 offensive rebounds. For the series Gasol led in 5 statistical cat., Minutes Played, FTA, Off Reb. REB. & Blks. His Great play offset the poor play of Kobe Bryant. Bryant was 6-24 from the field with 4 TO & 2 assist in game 7. For the series Bryant was 66-163 from the field 39%, Bryant also did a poor job handlingPau Gasol & Kobe Bryant the ball with 27 TO & only 27 assist. It seemed that Rajon Rondo exposed a clear weakness in Kobe's ball handling skills, exspecially when Bryant had to dribble with his left hand. Many of Bryant's TO were instantly converted into fast break points 9 points in game 7 came from Kobe's miscues. Kobe did man up to grab 15 rebounds in game 7 & 56 total rebounds for the series. Kobe Bryant is one of the Great players of our time but 66-163 39% FGM-FGA & 27 assist & 27 TO underscores his weakness., Kobe missed more shots (97) than Gasol took 43-(90). Gasol had 26 assist & 13 TO. The 7 foot Gasol handles  the ball better than the 6'6" Bryant ( that should not be) Bottom line Kobe is selfish & reckless & forces play when he doesn't have to. after all these years he is still not a good team player.


"Were talking to Kobe about trying to do to much off the dribble. He has to do more with a live ball off the ball" Phil Jackson

For 3 quarters of game 7 was fought hard & fairly officiated, But then came the 4th quarter where LA went to the line 21xs, Please forgive me but it was Absurd. The game was very physical the whole way but in the end the difference was at the foul line where LA was 25-37 vs Boston's 15-17 from the line. For one team to take 20 more foul shots is really significant Remember the game was low scoring 83-79. Game 7 ref Dan CrawfordAt the start of the 4th quarter the officiating changed. Up until that point the refs had pretty much let them Play & it was a rough game but in the 4th calls that would not have been called in the first 3 quarters were now being called to LA's benefit. 17 seconds into the 4th Baby Davis is called fouling Gasol inside on a short jumper, Gasol made his Field Goal plus the free throw. That would not have been called a foul earlier in the game. With 8:46 in the 4th Ray Allen is called for Fouling Kobe Bryant. Kobe uses what I call the Kevin Durant move where he swings his arms awkward into the outstretched arm of the defender then goes up to shoot the Ball...It is Absurd to give Kobe Bryant that call in the 4th Quarter of game 7. Bryant makes all 3 of his free throws.5:56 of the 4th Baby Davis is called for fouling Bryant under the Celtic Basket as both are battling for position, this should have been a NO CALL & Celtic ball but instead Bryant makes 2 more free throws. 3:21 of the 4th Paul Peirce is called for fouling Bryant as Kobe drove to the Basket. Replays  show this probably was a Foul my problem is if you are going to call this a Foul on Pierce you need to call the Blk Gasol has on Garrnett earlier in the 4th a foul also. Bryant makes 1 of 2 free throws. With 25.7 seconds left Bryant clearly charges into Rasheed Wallace but Wallace is called for the Blocking foul finishing his night with 6 fouls, Bryant again makes 2 foul shots. In all the Lakers pick up 9 free points from David Sterns cast of Joey Crawford, Dan Crawford & Scott Foster.

The bottom line is LA  out rebounded the Celtics by a Wide margin & David Stern crew of officials gave the Lakers 20 more FTA & the title. Doc Rivers did a great job & the Celtics  played well enough to win. Pau Gasol is the Best Low post player on the Planet but this is a Hollow Championship for LA Nation.

" The Refs gave LA the game" LA Laker fan Rodney Tartin

" Kobe won that MVP on his name"  LA Laker fan Ed Blizzard

"I might never watch an NBA game again" Ed Handy Boston Celtic fan

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I say now who do
Who do you think you're foolin

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