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The most overrated player in the History of the NBA

Last Night as I was channel surfing I happened on a clip of anti Lebron James piece. They showed the fans bitter, they showed the fans burning LeBricks Jersey's, But then they interview what looked like a 10 year old Boy with an Orlando Magic uniform on. The little Boy said "LeBron James is the most overrated player in the NBA." Boom there it is. Why is it that it takes a child to speak the obvious ? Have you ever seen any one who was so poor at what they did get so much hype. No, in the History of the planet No one has ever played this bad an we the people been told how great he is.

As a basketball fan I'm excited to see Lebrick in Miami. What I really want to know is how much Lebron stuff has the NBA sold since last week's "Decision " I bet a lot. Think of the Marketing campaign I've never seen any thing like it. Today one of my volunteers Paul told me " his son wanted him to buy a Lebron Jersey. New team, different jersey, New Miami Heat Jersey $ale. Well Paul Jr. will not be getting a new Lebron Jersey after this mornings conversation with Dad. Is it my imagination or was ESPN purposely trying to make LeBum look bad .You have David Stern in one corner Lebron James in another corner & ESPN ( Disney) in the other corner. It's like the Perfect dish to make you puke.

 " .....This was announced with a several-day, narcissistic, self-promotional build-up culminating with a national TV special of his "decision" unlike anything ever "witnessed" in the history of sports and probably the history of entertainment. ......You simply don't deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal." Dan Gilbert letter

Does any one have any pride certainly not the (Chosen-1 )25 year old kid whose Mother has allegedly been having an affair with won of LeTravel's teammates. Certainly not Stern who would sell his Mother to the Arabs if the price was right. Certainly not Disney who would tell you Snow White & the seven dwarfs were NBA champs if they could they could make a profit. The good news for Lebron is that he is not going to Turkey to play for team USA at the World championships in August. That is a shame because I always look forward to some unknown European like  Theodoros Papaloukas  taking LeBrick out behind the Wood Shed an abusing him the way he did in 2006 World Championships in Japan. On Friday morning on ESPN radio it was brought up that Lebron was the most hated athlete in all of American sports. Mike Greenberg could not even think of anyone to compete with Lebron for that Title. A lot of it is his poor performance in the clutch. The nine turnovers in the elimination  game 6 vs Boston. 

Lebron James is one of the weaker defensive players in the NBA - Ed Blizzard

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Lebron     Gloria


" Lebron could not guard my mail box"-Thumper Newman

Lawsuit filed against LeBron James


Owner Dan Gilbert says " He has gotten a free pass, People have covered up for (James) for way to long. ..He quit," Gilbert said. "Not just in game 5, but in games 2,4 and 6. Watch the tape. The Boston series was unlike anything in the history of sports for a superstar."

On Friday morning on ESPN radio it was brought up that Lebron was the most Hated athlete in all of American sports. Mike Greenberg could not even think of anyone to compete with Lebron for that Title. A lot of it is his poor performance in the clutch. The nine turnovers in the elimination  game 6 vs Boston.  The 74% free throw shooting the 33% 3p shooting  ( There 360 players in the NBA -roughly 160 shoot the ball better than LeBrick ) The high number of turnovers 3.5 per game for his career don't help. Dribbling it off his foot in Game 6. Not being able to guard a mail box on the defensive end. Not talking to the press after losing to Orlando in 2009. Walking virtually every time you touch the ball. Charging into the lane an Getting the benefit of going to the foul line 5,717 xs by the age of 25. Lebron went to the foul line more xs before the age of 25 than Larry Bird did his whole career. Having your mom either come out on the court an save LeTravel from getting his butt kicked by Paul Pierce an Kevin Garnett or his mom his hooking up with Delonte West a teammate.

The sideline antics is over the top. Disrespetful & childless, can you imagine being Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce when Lebron goes to the scores table before the opening tap, chalks his hands up, slaps them together & then blows chalk dust into the air while spreading his arms to the Heavens. Can you imagine what Garnett, Pierce & Allen were thinking. ( It's like he just doesn't care about any one else) They know LeBrick will get all the calls, that David Stern would rig it if he could. The thing is Lebron is so Bad it's hard for Stern to rig it without being to obvious. Lebron has No Skills, No Heart. he is just a PUPPET for David Stern & others to sell there products.



Lebron James is a sore loser

If you don’t know, now you definitely know. On Monday night earlier this week, Xavier's Jordan Crawford, a college student, dunked on LeBron during a pick-up game at the LeBron James Skills Academy. Basically he got rocked by a kid, on video, and now two videos have been confiscated by Nike officials. Supposedly LeBron called over a Nike Basketball senior director and the next thing you know, tapes are getting confiscated. Coincidence? I think not! So what happened to the tapes? They’ve apparently been destroyed, erased, wiped out forever. If you’ve been keeping up, Nike is backing LeBron (for obvious reasons), claiming that recording these games are strictly forbidden. One of the camera men Ryan Miller spoke with SI.COM on Wednesday confirmed it was the dunk. Miller a 22 year old recent graduate of Syracuse University has not heard back from Nike but has hired an attorney who sent a letter to Nike asking for the Tape Back.

We have found a copy of Xavier's Jordan Crawford Dunking on Lebron. It is pretty Sweet. Pause the video @ 34 sec & remember Crawford was only avg 9.7 ppg for Xavier when he Slammed on LeBum


Watch what happens after the Dunk

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