Kevin Garnett has been named the 2007-2008 NBA MVP by

 Kevin Garnett who led the Boston Celtics to the largest turn around in NBA history was named the NBA's MVP by Garnett who averaged 18.8 ppg & 9.2 rpg led the Celtics to 66 wins, 42 wins better than the year before when they only won 24 games. Joining Garnett on the All-NBA 1st team was Pau Gasol of the LA Lakers, Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks, Manu Ginobilli of the San Antonio Spurs & Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz.


Garnett Dunks on Chris Bosh


Most Valuable Player

2007-2008   Kevin Garnett 18.8 ppg  9.2 rpg

2006-2007   Dirk Nowitzki    24.6 ppg  8.9 rpg

2005-2006   Dirk Nowitzki    26.6 ppg  9.0 rpg

2004-2005   Dirk Nowitzki    26.1 ppg  9.7 rpg

2003-2004   Kevin Garnett   24.2 ppg 13.9 rpg

2002-2003   Dirk Nowitzki    25.1 ppg  9.9 rpg

2001-2002   Tim Duncan     25.5 ppg  12.7 rpg

2000-2001   Tim Duncan     22.2 ppg  12.2 rpg


We at give our award to the player who is most valuable to his team. We are not trying to sell jersey's or shoes or any merchandise. The game is about winning games. You will find No Shaq's, Allen Iverson's on our MVP  list.



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