Overweight, Overrated and Overpaid 

How does this pitiful FAT MAN become an NBA Legend ?


Shaq under scores what is wrong with the NBA today. Why the NBA is now being compared to pro wrestling. We have been sold this lie for years that Shaq is a Great basketball player, just like the WCW sells there guys like Hulk Hogan , the Rock, Triple -H, etc. are Great Wrestlers. There are many people out there that believe Both these lies are true.

About 12 years ago I'm sitting in a local pub (the Greene Leaf Cafe ) with former Pro Basketball player Gary Brown. Brown who is Black begins to Criticize Shaq's Game. I say hold on Gary, but Brown continues ," He can't Shoot, He can't Handle the Ball, He has No Skills related to the Game. He is Just All Hype." After a few minutes of listening to Gary I begin to understand what he is saying.

In 1992 when Shaq came out of college it was Christian Laettner who was the consensus College player of the year. Laettner was the Sporting News College Player of the Year, The Naismith Award winner, The Wooden Award winner. When Duke played LSU Laettner Destroyed Shaq and Duke blew LSU out. Duke went on and won the National Championship and LSU was eliminated in the round of 16. When the 92 Dream team was selected it was Laettner not Shaq that was the only College player taken to represent our country. Laettner went on to become only an above average Pro. Where Shaq has been called the most dominating low-post player of our time.

Shaq by the Numbers

For his career Shaq has 83 more Turnovers than assists

2705 to 2622

So we know the Big Fellow has trouble Handling the Ball

For his career Shaq has made .528 % of his Foul Shots

Shaq's Foul Shooting is so Bad that the NBA gave him 168 extra foul shots this pass season

( lane violations )           

And he still shot .469% from the Foul line

Currently there is Not a Single Woman in the WNBA shooting under 53% from the Foul line

During the 2006 NBA Finals Shaq was 14 - 48 from the foul line

On December 8, 2000, Shaq set the NBA Record by taking 11 foul shots in one game and Not making any.

This is the only NBA Record Shaq Holds

In a December game against the Memphis Grizzlies Shaq was 2-8 from the Foul line . During one time out after a Shaq miss the Grizzlies ran a 10 year old child out to the foul line, who preceded to make 8 foul shots in a row.

Shaq is a JOKE

For his career Shaq has made 1 three pointer

Shaq is 1-20 from three point land for his Career


But Shaq Dominates inside Right ?

Not Hardly

For his career Shaq has average 11.8 rebounds per game

Tim Duncan has average 12.0 rebounds per game

Shaq has average 1 Block every 14.6 minutes

Shawn Bradley has average 1 Block every 9 minutes

This is my Biggest problem with Shaq. When Shaq receives the ball in the Low-post, then Shaq turns Creates Contact   Whether it is with his Shoulder, Arm , Elbows, whatever. When Shaq dislodges the Defender from his Stationary position it is a Foul. Shaq has Knocked small players around and gotten away with murder on the inside  for years. While the NBA officials let him get away with it.


 So Please do Not ask me to be a FAN of the Biggest Guy on the court The BULLY, who has NO Basketball Skills, no concept of being in shape and only being Officiated and Hyped so that the NBA can profit off his Merchandise. It's a Fraud , it's a Joke, it's No different than Pro Wrestling.


On the personal side Shaq seems like a really nice guy. His Quotes are sometimes Hilarious and always very entertaining. I certainly wish him and his Family the Best, But don't tell me he is a Great Basketball player.




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