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When I first saw Steve Nash play his first few years in Phx. I was not that impressed. Nash was plenty quick but he was very small and many times he played out of control. When he went to Dallas I had my doubts if he would Start there, and at first he struggled but his game kept developing. In Dallas I saw Nash out play Jason Kidd and Allen Iverson two players who at the time were more highly thought of than Nash.

What I Love about Nash is that he is a Team 1st player. He goes All out and is not afraid of failing. What Nash has done the last two seasons with the Suns is amazing. Phx. went from winning 29 games to winning 62. Without Nash , with Nash. BOOM. Is there in question he is the Best Ball handler and Passer in the game Today ?  Just a Beautiful player to watch. Nash is very Flashy but he is Not a Hot Dog. Nobody ever talks about Nash's shooting but this guy is Deadly. Go a Head and put him out there with Nowitzki, Ray Allen, Peja as the Best Shooters in the game.

During The 2001-2002 NBA Season Nash Hit 156 3-pointers

While Shooting .455 % from 3-Point Land

For Nash's Career he has made 1,700 3-Pointers

While Shooting over 43% from 3-Point Land

Note : Dwyane Wade has made 42 career 3s, while Shooting 24%

For Nash's Career he has Shot .896 % from the Foul Line

These numbers are insane

Ok here's my case that Nash is the 2nd Best Point guard of All-time. First on the list has to be Magic Johnson, 2nd would be John Stockton. There is no question Stockton will have better career numbers than Nash when all is said an done. However Stockton in his prime was Not as Good as Nash has been.  You have to give credit to the player who in his Prime was the Better player. You can make the argument that Stockton was as good as Nash in the Half court Offense, but you can Not argue that Stockton is as good as Nash in an up tempo Game. Think about it in the last 35 years when has a point guard so dominated , other than Magic Johnson.  Nash over the past 2 years has played at a higher level than Isiah Thomas, Mark Price or Stockton did at any time in  there Peak.  Nash runs pick n roll as well as  in player in the History of the game. It is virtually impossible to Stop Nash in the Pick n  Roll, than If you give him an inch he will knock down the open jumper.  John Stockton fans will not be Happy but I have to go with Steve Nash as the games 2nd best All-Time Point Guard.

Nash is a combination of Mark Price's Shooting Ability and Quickness and the ball handling and Trick shot making of a Pistol Pete Maravich.

Steve Nash poses with the Maurice Podoloff Trophy on Sunday afternoon.

 Steve Nash




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